Who we are?

Sankalp Save Indian Grain Foundation (SIGO) is a social enterprise, dedicated to the design, development and delivery of modern grain storage solutions, Grameen Kalyan Kendra/ aggregate food hubs and agri stakeholder and cluster maps for small and marginal farmers in India. We are passionate about stemming postharvest losses in India.

What we do?

1 - Minute intro to our work

Why we need your support (English, Hindi)

We have been working on SIGO for past three years and are confident of what’s required to pull this off. Now, we need your help and support to power our efforts in constructing a prototype Grameen Kalyan Kendra/ aggregate food hubs along with a 5,000 MT flat-bottom farm bin.

How we plan to go about?

5 - Minutes workflow animation (English, Hindi)

Where are your funds going to be used? (In INR)

Land Development - 2,00,000  (0.57 %)

Building & Civil Works - 62,00,000 (15.50 %)

Plant & Machinery - 1,90,42,080 (47.61 %)

Electrical, Automation & Others - 64,88,258 (16.22 %)

Preliminary, Pre-operative Expenses - 52,55,796 (13.14 %)

Information Technology - 14,00,000 (3.50 %)

Contingency - 14,33,866 (3.53 %)

Total - 4,00,00,000

Where we are in development SIGO has designed and developed Grameen Kalyan Kendra/ aggregate food hubs, flat-bottom farm bins and agri cluster maps. We have tagged and mapped agri stakeholders and commodities, configured our supply chain, and are now commencing work on construction of Grameen Kalyan Kendra/ aggregate food hubs and flatbottom farm bins in Hardoi, UP


L to R; Sanjai Bajpai, Ashok, S. C. Awasthi, and Anurag Awasthi (missing in file photo: Prakash C. Prabhakar, Anurag Dwivedi, Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Dinesh Awasthi) Awards, Media, Talks and Publications

So why should you support us? • Be the first to come onboard this project, and bring your friends along (and we would love that). • You often wondered where you food came from and why prices surged during holidays. We have answered your first concern with agri cluster maps and need your help to address the surge in prices. • You will love Big Data visuals, IF it makes your plate more appetizing and purse more economical. Please visit our portal https://sigo.org.in and my blog http://standpoint2015.blogspot.in/ for more information.